Executive Council

Eminent Commander

Agam Jain serves as the Eminent Commander. Rather than focusing on one specific task, he takes on duties as necessary. He is to serve the fraternity by ensuring all members are held to the standards set forth by all. He works with other officers and the chapter as a whole to maintain the long term vision of success and prosperity.

Lieutenant Commander

David Park works hand-in- hand with the Commander to achieve his shared vision. He primarily manages all internal operations and directs officer and committee work. 


Forrest Brown serves as the treasurer of the Fraternity. His main responsibility is to budget for the rest of the officers, collect dues, and ensure there are no financial issues. He works with his committee to make sure brothers pay as little as possible while still enabling Beta Zeta Sigma Nu to be an active part of campus.  

Social Chairman

Chris Basinski oversees the social life of Beta Zeta Sigma Nu. He is constantly  forming new connections with other Greek organizations around  campus. His main priority is to provide opportunities for Sigma Nu to form strong relationships with other houses as Beta Zeta continues to grow.

Recruitment Chairman

Kyle Weiss takes care of the recruitment side of the fraternity. He coordinates events throughout the year to attract  the best men to Sigma Nu. He also keeps track of potential members for later semesters. He and his committee strive to make sure the Beta Zeta chapter becomes the loving, honest, and honorable fraternity that Sigma Nu values.

Scholarship Chairman

Anish Mohan ensures academic excellence throughout the fraternity. He sets all of the academic requirements and strategies. It is his goal to push the brothers of Beta Zeta Sigma Nu to prosper in all scholarly endeavors. 


Anthony Telerico documents all information from colony gatherings and meetings. He manages all documents and events from officers and copies them to an online list for brothers. He also keeps the official Sigma Nu website up to date with our current roster and standings. 


Noah Brisco cultivates a  brotherhood atmosphere  within Beta Zeta Sigma Nu. His duties include arranging brotherhood events, directing the semester colony retreats, planning any religious events the fraternity may have, and ensuring all internal quarrels are dealt with in a responsible and fair manner.

Risk Reduction Chairman

Ben Collins advises all brothers on Sigma Nu's Risk Reduction Policy and ensures these policies are being adhered to at all Beta Zeta chapter events. He creates strategic plans to safely monitor events while still  enabling all guests to have an enjoyable  time. 

LEAD Chairman

Jake Copas provides the chapter opportunities to develop their leadership abilities. He does this by organizing LEAD sessions and inviting guest speakers to enlighten the brothers on topics of leadership. LEAD (Leadership. Ethics. Achievement. Development) is Sigma Nu's award-winning leadership program.

Philanthropy and  Service Chairman

Everett Mitchel 

coordinates all philanthropic and service events hosted by Sigma Nu. Through his leadership, our members will learn the value and impact of servant leadership.

Athletics Chairman

Sean Porter oversees all athletic events the fraternity participates in. This includes organizing intramural teams, planning practice schedules, and delegating captains for teams. Another important role he plays involves corresponding with other Greek organizations and setting up interfraternity or co-ed leagues.

Alumni Relations Chairman

Ani Vasudevan  maintains communication with Sigma Nu alumni, keeping them up to date on the Beta Zeta chapter. He coordinates events with them to give current brothers a chance to hear stories and get advice. He also contacts alumni for counsel in the affairs of the fraternity to ensure Beta Zeta achieves it's greatest  potential. 


Nick Oetting is responsible for the colony's petitioning and chartering processes. He coordinates with other officers to ensure that the colony is completing chartering requirements in a timely and efficient manner. 


Jacob Justus guides new candidates as they progress from being a candidate to an initiate in Sigma Nu. He oversees their education of Sigma Nu history, expectations, and information, to ensure they have a strong foundation for their future fraternity career. 

Aaron Fischer strives for one primary goal - to create, maintain, and protect the reputation of Beta Zeta Sigma Nu. He does so primarily through this website and other Beta Zeta social media. 

Public Relations